Goodbye hungry - Connecting People With Food to End Hunger

Campaigning to ensure everyone has the food they need to sustain themselves and their families. 
Eradicating food poverty. 
Enabling every person to live an active healthy life through every stage of their life.
Live well and age well.

Connecting - food banks - community kitchens - community larders - food resources- food blogs...

Providing - budget recipes - 'How to' guides to live well for less and get by on a budget...

Access to -support - low price stores - vouchers - coupons...

Reducing - food waste - food poverty...

Food Ambassadors

We are recruiting Food Ambassadors throughout the world to help us spread the word of Goodbye Hungry and to connect us with people that can provide food for those in need. Click the button to find out more.

About us

We are campaigning to end food poverty and insecurity. To rebalance the food supplies of the world. 
To ensure everyone has sufficient food on their plate to lead an active, healthy, and fulfilling life to old age. 

Contact us

We want to hear from you whether you need information, advice, or guidance or simply want to volunteer to help deliver the 'Goodbye Hungry' message to global leaders, influencers and entrepreneurs.

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Keith Grinsted MBA FRSA founded 'Goodbye Lonely' in 2020 to support people through loneliness, isolation, and associated mental health issues.